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What global human resources need is mind

India is the stage for global human resource development
Acquire the mindset and skills needed in the business scene of emerging countries

Why is the mind important?

In order to achieve results in a global business environment, it is important not only to have language skills but also to have a mindset (attitude and way of thinking). For example, in India's business environment, there are many situations in which language skills alone are insufficient.India is a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-religious country, where people with different cultural backgrounds coexist, and in order to build trust with Indians...

Three mindsets for achieving results

India Global Mindset

​1. Global Mind

A mindset that is interested in different cultures and diversity and accepts differences in customs and values.

Ability to abandon Japanese stereotypes and act with unconventional ideas

Build cooperative relationships with partners in India

2. 3C Mind

The ability to build relationships of trust with local people and gain the sympathy and cooperation of those around you in order to achieve results at work. The 3C mind for this purpose (Connect, Communicate, Collaborate)

mental health in india

3. Resilient Mind

The mental strength and toughness to continue doing what you have decided to do even in a global environment where many unexpected things can happen, and the self-management ability to calmly deal with stress.

FujiYama Company program features

1. India

India has the world's largest population, third largest GDP, global business hub, and overwhelming cultural gap. Through India, you will learn business skills and mindsets that can be used globally.Why India? Why is mind important in India?

2. Practical type

This is a practical program based on real business topics. Through the process of thinking about solutions to specific corporate issues, you will acquire practical skills and mindset. We propose customized programs tailored to the needs of each company.

3. 1on1 coaching

We gain a detailed understanding of participants' strengths, challenges, and goals, and provide individual guidance and feedback. Facilitate more effective learning and growth through individual coaching sessions. We conduct pre-post assessments to visualize growth and behavioral changes.

experienced consultant

Consultants with experience in business and entrepreneurship in India and abroad will support you. We listen to the needs and challenges of each company's global human resources and propose solutions for developing global human resources that are suitable for that company.

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