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  • Company name: Fujiyama Company Co., Ltd.

  • Established: April 2010

  • Location: Koto-ku, Tokyo

  • Representative Director: Yukihiro Fujimura, Daisuke Yamamoto

  • Business domain: Human resources development, Corporate training, Consulting

  • ​Overseas location: Pune, Bangkok


Why India?

Why choose India as a training base?


In my late 20s, I started an IT venture company in Silicon Valley, USA, and spent 8 years in the US. Later, I gained experience in multinational projects and global business at a foreign company. However, what I faced when I came to India was a business environment that was tougher than I had imagined and a series of unexpected events and difficulties. I realized many times that my global standard way of thinking and skills were not applicable.

One of the reasons for this is the diversity of India's culture and business environment. Different races, religions, languages, and customs coexist in India, and we believe that India has the greatest degree of diversity and chaos compared to other Asian countries. To work in this diverse environment, you need to be able to accept the Indian environment and the people you work with, have flexible thinking skills that go beyond common sense, and have the ability to respond to a variety of situations. We believe that such abilities are essential for global human resources.

I gained a lot from the Indian experience, but number one is toughness. It is the ability to approach any difficult situation positively, control yourself, and respond calmly. This ability has become a powerful weapon in achieving the business goals of the organization, allowing me to follow through with the decisions I and my team have made even in difficult situations, and has become a valuable asset for me as a businessperson.

What kind of country is India? I get asked that question a lot, but I always have a hard time figuring out the answer. However, if I had to say it, I would say, ``A country that helps people grow.'' This is because India offers an overwhelming cross-cultural gap that cannot be found in other countries, as well as valuable opportunities to challenge one's limits and grow.


Through India, we hope that more Japanese business people will have the opportunity to grow and acquire the mindset and skills to achieve results in a global environment.

Fujiyama Company Representative Director​ Daisuke Yamamoto

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