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FujiYama training program

This is a program that develops global human resources who can produce results even in tough environments such as emerging countries where Japanese common sense does not apply. We will propose a custom program that meets your company's human resource development needs.


Global mindset training

This training is aimed at employees with little global experience, and aims to foster a mindset for working in a global environment. Participants will develop cross-cultural adaptability and a global perspective, building a foundation to confidently approach international work. This training provides an opportunity to embrace different cultures, develop flexibility, and develop the mindset and skills needed to successfully operate in a global business environment.


​Global business skills training

This on-site program for young to mid-career employees develops a global mindset and business skills. Strengthen your leadership skills in a practical global business environment through business English and communication skills training. We will incorporate local company visits and international business simulations to help participants develop leadership and international teamwork skills. Improve your global leadership and practical business skills in the field in a short period of time.


Practical Indian business training

This training is a tough, practical program that addresses real-world issues faced by local companies. Participants will focus on leadership, team management, and cross-cultural communication while developing the mindset and skills needed for business in India. The training period ranges from one week to one month. This is a practical program that improves participants' toughness, with the aim of strengthening the mental strength necessary to achieve work results even in India's tough environment.

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